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Alex Scharaschkin

Alex Scharaschkin is the Director of AQA’s Centre for Education Research and Practice (CERP).  He is responsible for setting and delivering AQA’s research strategy, and oversees a research centre of around 60 staff. 

He has previously been a Director at the UK National Audit Office, leading teams delivering evidence-based reports for Parliament on the cost-effectiveness of government programmes in health and social care, and examining the use and regulation of market mechanisms in public services.  He earlier headed the NAO’s methodology and statistics team, and has published research on the nature of assessment of government performance.  He has also worked at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and at the Associated Examining Board, where he specialised in applying quantitative methods to the examination of issues in standard setting and maintenance, and the design and awarding of national curriculum tests. 

His research interests include the philosophy of measurement in education and the social sciences, the nature of validity arguments, and the application of quantitative and interdisciplinary approaches in assessment.



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