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Cor Sluijter

Cor Sluijter is director of the department of psychometrics and research of Cito. He has 30 years of experience in developing paper and computer based tests, as well as other assessment instruments for both the private and public sector in the Netherlands. Cor supervised the transition of Cito's Student Monitoring System for primary education from paper based to computer based. He was also responsible for the development of compulsory computerized (adaptive) entrance tests for the Teacher Colleges for Primary Education in the Netherlands, and for the introduction of computerized exams for Dutch and arithmetic in Middle Vocational Education.

Cor is a former Chair and vice-Chair of the European division of the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) and also served from 2008-2014 as Chair of the Dutch Exams Association (NVE). He has several additional functions; amongst others, he is a member of the Advisory Board on Competencies in Financial Services and the Board of Experts of Excenter, and of the Association for Examining Bodies in Middle Vocational Education in the Netherlands. He is also co-editor of the Journal of Applied Testing Technology of ATP. Since 2014 Cor is a Fellow of the Association for Educational Assessment Europe. He holds a PhD in Social and Behavioural Sciences from the University of Amsterdam. His thesis was on the development of a test battery for streaming in the second part of Higher General Education and Pre University Education. Cor holds a master’s degree (cum laude) in Psychology and majored in research methodology.


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