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A word from the President

I am very happy and proud to write these few words in this edition of our newsletter which is my first as the President of AEA-Europe. The newsletter is an important component of the Association’s communication strategy. It is indeed the opportunity for members to share information, experiences and research in the field of student assessment. In addition, it is a means to fulfilling the aim of the Association by disseminating knowledge and consolidating the assessment culture in the different countries of Europe. In this spirit, I call upon you readers to contribute your articles to our newsletters to help raise awareness and increase the visibility of your own national activities related to assessment in education.

In this message, I would also like to share with you the recent developments in the different activities of AEA-Europe since our last annual conference in Limassol in November 2016. First, as promised, you may now consult the numerous presentations sent in by the participants in the Cyprus conference, which are already uploaded on the website and accessible here.

Secondly, our members recommended we create an AEA-Europe Facebook page and be active on social media. To this effect, you can now follow us here and read the latest news and view some photos and videos of the last conference. Word is spreading and our page is already reaching out to a wider readership.  We will gradually add a lot more information over the coming weeks. Do join us if you have not yet done so and be alerted about news of the Association. Still about communication within the digital environment, we are in the process of revamping the AEA-Europe website, upgrading it with a fresher look so as to enhance its usability, render it more user-friendly and hence create a better space to connect with the educational world.

Thirdly, following our call for volunteers to join the Publication Committee of AEA-Europe, several candidates have shown interest and the respective nominations will be announced shortly.

Finally, I would like to remind you of our 18th annual AEA-Europe conference to be held in Prague, Czech Republic from 9th - 11th November 2017.  The submission of proposals is already open and you can register through EasyAcademia:

Our conference theme 'Assessment cultures in a globalised world' is a rich and stimulating one. Personally as well as speaking from the perspective of France, the theme touches a chord: in a country where the assessment culture developed gradually over time, it is interesting to observe how this plays out today as we reach the crossroads of globalisation. There is no doubt that this theme will give rise to passionate contributions during the conference. I do hope many of you will join us there.

Noting all the progress we are making, I wish to warmly thank those of you who voluntarily dedicate your valuable time and effort to the various committees of our Association, a commitment which truly contributes to where AEA-Europe stands today.

Happy reading!