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A word from the President

Only a few months into my role as President of AEA-Europe, I have already gained a deep insight into the activities of the association. With the association’s Council members and those of the committees, we have listened to your views, reflected upon and initiated different courses of actions with regards to the functioning and the organisation of AEA-Europe. In this newsletter, I would like to highlight the activities undertaken by AEA-Europe during the past three months.

A few official communications were sent out to members early in the year. Among them, in February, was the call for submissions to our 18th Annual Conference in Prague in November. I am happy to report that a great number of proposals have been received and it is very encouraging to note this growing interest in AEA-Europe. In fact, the review process for the submissions is now complete and registration to participate in the conference has now opened a few days ago. On this note, I would like to make a special appeal to all the presenters to register as early as possible which would allow the organisers to better anticipate the programme of the conference. Indeed we count on your participation to make the conference a success.

In April, two requests were also sent out by the association: applications for the Kathleen Tattersall New Assessment Researcher Award 2017 and expressions of interest in hosting the 2019 and 2020 AEA-Europe. All responses received are currently being processed by the respective committees. With respect to the hosting of future conferences, a preliminary agreement between AEA-Europe and CITO Netherlands was signed in May to formalise CITO’s intention to host the AEA-Europe 2018 conference.

In addition, the second AEA-Europe Council meeting of this year was held in May in Prague at the SCIO venue of the local hosts of the conference. The objective was to check out the facilities of the conference and to sort out the relevant organisational questions. The Council members also took this opportunity to discuss many other issues related to AEA-Europe at different levels: practical (revamp of the website), organisational (finance and budget) and strategic (improving the AEA-Europe membership). An update was also made on the ongoing work undertaken by the association’s committees (Publication Committee: newsletter, social media, special interest group; Professional development Committee: Kathleen Tattersall Award, Fellowship Programme, standards). These are all matters which are being worked upon and the respective outcomes will be communicated to all members in due time.

In so short a while, I cannot be thankful enough to the commitment of all our committee members and to all of you who support the work of AEA-Europe. In particular, I am very aware that this calls upon the voluntary but significant contribution of our members who are already highly engaged in their professional obligations. It was already my goal to devote highly to the association but I am ever more determined to continue in this endeavour and I am proud to work in this team spirit which really kindles the success of AEA-Europe.

Happy reading!