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The Professional Development Committee: update

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) in its current form comprises Antonella Poce  (University Roma 3) – a Council member and Committee Chair; Andrew Boyle (Alphaplus Consultancy, UK); and Bas Hemker (Cito, Dutch Institute for Educational Measurement).

Yasmine El Masri (researcher at the Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment) ended her mandate in November, 2015. The PDC would like to thank Yasmine for her wonderful service, her commitment and outstanding contribution to the PDC more specifically and to the Association generally. She will be greatly missed by the PDC.

The PDC is a pro-active Committee within the Association and organises a series of activities relating to the Accreditation Scheme, the New Researcher Award combined with the Doctoral Network, the Poster Award, and a programme of webinars and seminars.

The PDC has a special interest in the new researchers and the Doctoral Network (formerly Yasmine’s remit) both of which constitute an important source of growth and development within and across the Association.

It is with great pleasure that the PDC are now able to announce Yasmine’s replacement - Stephanie Berger, from the Institut für Bildungsevaluation Assoziiertes Institut der Universität Züric (CH). The PDC welcomes Stephanie and wish her all the best in her new role!