Conferences & Events

Past Conference – 2006

NaplesNaples, Italy 9th-11th November 2006

Theme: Assessment and Equity.

Date: 9th-11th November 2006

Workshops: Pre-conference workshops were held on the 8th of November.

Conference Venue: The venue was the University of Naples "Federico II", founded in 1224.

Conference flyer: Click the above link to view a PDF of the programme for the 2006 conference in Naples.

Educational assessment can be a powerful management tool. It is used to select those who are to be given opportunities from those who are not; those who achieve objectives from those who do not. The life chances of individuals are involved. Because of the high-stakes character of many assessment systems, the outcomes are often debated because they involve unequal circumstances while applying equal measures to all. Concerns about this have led to increased attention on possible sources of bias, greater use of adaptations and accommodations, and using value-added approaches rather than league-tabling to judge institutions.

But there is more to it. As professionals we bear a responsibility for the use of the instruments we produce and study and for the effects they have on human lives. That is why we chose “Assessment and Equity” as the theme for our 2006 Annual Conference, and encouraged all participants, presenters and attendants alike to incorporate this theme into their contributions.