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Past Conference – 2010

OsloOslo, Norway 4th-6th November 2010

Theme: Managing Assessment Processes: Policies and Research.

Date: 4th-6th November 2010

Workshops: Pre-conference workshops were held on the 3rd of November.

Conference Venue: The venue was the Grand Hotel (

Conference flyer: Click the above link to view a PDF of the programme for the 2010 conference in Oslo.

Assessment is an integral part of learning. Without feedback on performance the learner can have no idea how to change and improve. Such feedback can come from a teacher or instructor, based on a formal or informal assessment. It can come from other learners as a form of peer assessment. Or it can come from a self assessment process by the learner themselves.

The theme of the 2010 AEA-Europe conference intended to allow our assessment community to discuss and embrace these debates. Contributions (papers, discussion groups and posters) were welcomed which reflected research or positions on the management of assessment processes, and may have considered:

  • The benefits and disadvantages of central control at a regional or national level;
  • The benefits and disadvantages of decentralisation, liberalism in assessment or professionalization of the assessors;
  • The benefits and disadvantages of large scale assessments at a national or international level;
  • Policies which promote the desired philosophy, and the change process to introduce these;
  • New approaches to psychometrics and the analysis of data which reflect management or policy needs;
  • Technological change in managing assessment processes;
  • Research to aid.