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The international quest for an English-medium education can cause anxieties about achievement through the second language,as well as about maintenance of first languages. The focus of this book is on learning and assessment through a second language, as well as approaches to support the fi rst language. Cambridge International Examinations shares its programme of research designed to reveal the hidden richness of bilingualism in schools as well as emerging practices of bilingual education. 

The book presents insights from:

• Two questionnaires to international schools where the Cambridge international curriculum is delivered and assessed 

• Studies into the language demands of external summative assessments.

The research has led to practical initiatives, including a bilingual survey tool which is shared in this book for schools to consider using in their own context as a means of self-analysis.

By sharing insights from this Cambridge research, this book:

• Provides new information to schools on supporting bilingual learners and on bilingual education

• Helps to clarify terminology

• Identifi es perceived challenges as well as benefits of bilingual education

• Raises language awareness in the assessment process.




Gwyn Lewis

Chapter 1 Perspective on bilingualism and bilingual education

Chapter 2 Bilingualism and bilingual education: A review of the literature

Chapter 3 Key issues in bilingualism and bilingual education relevant to this research

Chapter 4 Findings from the language use and bilingual education surveys

Chapter 5 Outcomes: Confirmed expectations and new insights

Chapter 6 Using Cambridge language awareness research to inform practice

Chapter 7 Initiatives to support bilingual learners


Peeter Mehisto