About AEA-Europe

Assessment is a topic of global significance. By bringing together experts on educational assessment, AEA-Europe aims to respond to an ever-growing need to develop and fine-tune assessment tools and methodologies.

The association offers a unique and rich platform for exchanging knowledge and expertise on educational assessment with a broad range of actors: assessment agencies, ministry departments, research institutes, universities, test editors, students, etc. The annual conference provides a unique opportunity, to meet and to share high-quality scientific presentations with a range of interested parties.

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Our objectives

The objectives of AEA-Europe are:

To enable assessment practitioners to network and communicate with each other

To provide a framework for developing, implementing and evaluating collaborative research and projects

To lead activities in order to improve assessment processes and products and to enhance awareness of their impact on learning and understanding

Our vision

We take a broad and inclusive approach to educational assessment, encompassing academic, professional and vocational perspectives of assessment processes and products.