We currently have five committees to support the running of AEA-Europe. Committees are made up of members of the association.

Professional Development Committee

The PDC is committed to making AEA-Europe the foremost association for all assessment professionals throughout Europe particularly, with the active involvement of its academic, professional and vocational members.

Creates opportunities for members to increase their knowledge and understanding of assessment and keeping up to date with the latest developments

Organises a number of activities such as:

AEA-Europe Accreditation scheme

New Researcher Award

Poster Award

Webinars and Seminars

Standards for Educational Assessment

Doctoral Network

The PDC is made up of members from the Association


Elena Papanastasiou (University of Nicosia)


Bas Hemker (CITO, Netherlands)
Shakeh Manassian (PSI Services, UK)

Communications Committee

The role of the PC is to set and maintain a professional communication flow amongst members and future members throughout the year.

Constantly updates website to include information about events, activities, areas of research in assessment
Communicates with members through various social media channels and an Association blog
The PDC is made up of members from the Association

Deborah Chetcuti (University of Malta)

Amina Afif (Pedagogue, Luxembourg)
Judith Gracey (AQA, UK)
Penelope Woodham (Cambridge Assessment Network)
Jeanne Marie Ryan (AQA, UK)

Scientific Programme Committee

The SPC arranges all matters related to the production of the conference presentations and preparation of the Conference Programme.

Proposes the conference theme and secures keynote speakers for the conference
Organises the guidelines for submission and review of papers for the conference
Decides on the final conference programme
Assists with the development of web materials and marketing of the conference
The SPC is made up of members from the Association
Stuart Shaw (Institute of Education, University College London, UK)
Michael Buhagiar (University of Malta, Malta)
Rebecca Hamer (IB, Netherlands)
Doreen Said Pace (Ministry for Education, Sports, Youth, Research and Innovation, Malta)
Elisa de Padua (University of Cambridge, UK)
Elena Papanastasiou (University of Nicosia, Cyprus)
Dario Pirotta (University of Malta, Malta)
Michalis Michaelides (University of Cyprus, Cyprus)
Angela Verschoor (CITO, Netherlands)

Conference Organising Committee

The Conference Organising Committee is established once the host country for a conference is identified. It is responsible for the organization of the annual conference.

Prepares the conference budget for approval by Council

Liaises with local conference committee to organise conference activities and events
Assists the SPC with the preparation of the conference programme
Produces information for the website and conference packs
The COC is made up of members from Council, a previous conference host and a member from the local organizing committee
Therese Hopfenbeck, President AEA-Europe (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Damian Murchan, (Co-Chair), Vice-President AEA-Europe (Trinity College, Dublin)
Elena Papanastasiou, Chair of the LOC 2024 Cyprus conference (University of Nicosia)
Stuart Shaw, Chair of SPC (Institute of Education, University College London)
Deborah Chetcuti, previous conference LOC Member (University of Malta)
Linda Wye, AEA-Europe Secretariat (AQA)
Michalis Michaelides, Member of the LOC 2024 Cyprus conference (University of Cyprus)
Iasonas Lambrianou, Member of the LOC 2024 Cyprus conference (University of Cyprus)
Agni Stylianou, Member of the LOC 2024 Cyprus conference (University of Nicosia)
Petros Stratis, (EasyConferences)
Christos Therapontos, (EasyConferences)

Audit Committee

The role of the AC is to examine the financial statements provided by the Treasurer.

Audits the financial statements provided by the Treasurer
Provides assurances to the General Assembly as to the financial statements being a true and fair account
The AC is made up of three members from the Association

Graham Hudson (GA Partnerships, UK)
Fazilat Siddiq (University of South-Eastern, Norway)
Sebastiaan de Klerk (eX:plain, the Netherlands)