What does it mean to be an Accredited member of AEA-Europe?

AEA-Europe’s professional accreditation scheme was first launched in 2007. The scheme provides members of the Association with the opportunity to have their assessment knowledge, skills and expertise recognised through the award of the status of Associate, Practitioner and Fellow of the Association.

Associate status is awarded to members who have started to work professionally in assessment in academic, professional or vocational contexts.

Practitioner status is awarded to members who have developed a breadth of professional knowledge in assessment and are committed to their professional development.

Fellowship is the highest recognition given by AEA-Europe and shows that a member has demonstrated a high level of professionalism in his or her personal practice and made important contributions to the assessment profession as a whole.

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Why go for accreditation?

AEA-Europe’s accreditation scheme provides recognition of experience, knowledge and expertise in assessment. Here, members who successfully applied for accreditation say how becoming accredited helped them in their professional development.

Newly accredited Practitioners Ana Ulicheva, a senior researcher at Pearson Tests of English and Sarah Turner, Delivery Lead at Pearson Assessment Services and newly accredited Fellow Fabienne van der Kleij, a senior research fellow at the Australian Council for Educational Research talk about why becoming accredited members of AEA-Europe was important for them.

Assessment specialist and teacher-trainer, Dr. Amy Hsiao, shares her experience and tells us why she chose to be accredited with AEA-Europe. Read the interview here.

How to apply

The AEA-Europe accreditation scheme has three levels: Associate, Practitioner and Fellow. If you would like to have your experience, knowledge and expertise in assessment accredited click here for evaluation criteria and more information about what you need to apply.

If you would like to apply please email your submission to the secretariat at

If you have not yet benefited from AEA-Europe accreditation as a Fellow, Practitioner or Associate then maybe this year you should think about applying. This possibility is open only to individual members of the Association and employees of corporate members. If you represent a corporate member then do encourage anyone in your organisation who might be interested in accreditation to apply. Application requires a little effort, but the effort will be worth making to achieve formal recognition as an assessment professional.

Applications for accreditation will be reviewed once a year and the deadline for applications is the 31st January of each year. Successful applicants are presented with their certificates during the Annual Conference in November.

Accredited Members

Accreditations 2023

Practitioner: David McVeigh (Pearson), Ana Ulicheva (Pearson), Dario Pirotta (MATSEC), Ellen Barrow (Pearson), Irene Custodio (Pearson), Sarah Turner (Pearson) 

Fellow: Lena Gray (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance), Fabienne van der Kleij (ACER, Australia) 

Accreditations 2022

Associate: Blake Ashworth (Pearson)

Practitioner: Ebba Gullberg (Umeå University), Carl-Magnus Haggstrom (Umeå University), Jakob Jakobsson (Umeå University), Linnea Talltjarn (Umeå University), Morgan Thorsell (Umeå University)

Fellow: Dr Amy Hsiou (Tilburg University), Grace Grima (Pearson), Therese Hopfenbeck (University of Melbourne)

Accreditations 2021

Fellow: Deborah Chetcuti (Malta)

Practitioner: Ragnaar Haake (Sweden), Lauren Miller (UK), Dr. Doreen Said Pace (UK)

Accreditations 2020

Practitioner: Tom Gallacher (UK)

Associate: Gary Cole (UK)

Accreditations 2019

Fellows: Damian Murchan (Ireland), Nico Dieteren (The Netherlands), Rolf. V Olsen (Norway)

Practitioners: Agnes Bergbom, Christina Orädd, Gunnar Wästle, Ingela Eriksson, Peder Öberg, Tobias Lundberg, Mikael Hägglund, Michael Nordvall, Maria Johansson, Håkan Montén, (all from Umeå University, Sweden), Jennifer Morrison (Scotland), Sarah Bacon (UK)

Associate: Helena Karlsson (Umeå University, Sweden)

Accreditations 2018

Fellows: Elena Papanastasiou (Cyprus) & Saskia Wools (the Netherlands)

Practitioners: Pia Almarlind, Erika Bergvall, Patric Astrom and Mattias Abrahamsson (all from Sweden), Kevin Mason, Vasu Krishnaswamy and Sarah Hughes (UK) & Ya Ping Hsiao (the Netherlands)

Associates: Jenny Crewe & Andrew Lewis (both UK)

Accreditations 2017

Practitioners: Roel Visseren

Associates: Hannah Montgomery

Accreditations 2016

Fellows: Stephen Dobson

Practitioners: Shakeh Manassian, Man Fung Lo (Kelvin), Sharon Frazer, Lesley Wiseman

Associates: Ya Ping (Amy) Hsiao

Accreditations 2015

Fellows: Bas Hemker

Practitioners: Dr Mahmoud Emira

Accreditations 2014

Fellows: Cor Sluijter, Gordon Stobart

Practitioners: Nico Dieteren, Sarah Hughes

Associates: Gareth Hopkins, Zak Horrocks, Hayo Vink

Accreditations 2013

Fellows: Rose Clesham, Jean-Pierre Jeantheau, Wil Knappers

Practitioners: Milja Curcin, Zeesham Rahman

Accreditations 2012

Fellows: Ayesha Ahmed, Roger Murphy

Practitioners: Wil J Knappers

Associates: Sarah Austin, Angela Bapuji, Mike Dearing, Thomas Harding, Giiuseppina Poliseno, Bradley Smith, James Wise

Accreditations 2011

Fellows: Andrew Boyle, Frans Kleintjes

Practitioners: Helen Harth, Vicky Foley, Andrew Stone

Associates: Louise Cooper

Accreditations 2010

Fellows: Julie Sewell, Angela Verschoor

Practitioners: Ingrid Radtke, Ursula Underhill

Associates: Fatima Lampreia-Carvalho

Accreditations 2009

Fellows: Steven Bakker, Jenny Bradshaw, Newman Burdett, Sarah Maughan, Marina Mrouga, Paul Newton, Alastair Pollitt, Rob van Krieken, Simon Wolming

Practitioners: Rosalind Duhs, Gill Grimshaw, Steve Murray, Rebecca Wheater

Associates: Bernadetta Brzyska, Naomi Rowe, Kathryn Wilkinson, Christine Williams

Accreditations 2008

Fellows: Gabriella Agrusti, Jo-Anne Baird, Kiril Bankov, Irena Bulakh, Theo Eggen, Sandra Johnson, Henk Moelands, Marian Sainsbury, Stuart Shaw, Bernard Veldkamp, Andrew Watts, Christina Wikström

Practitioners: Helen Claydon, Stig Ericsson, Mikalai Fiaskou, Hazel Griffin, Emily Jones, Anders Lexelius, Jenny Lindberg, Gunilla Ogren, Catherine Parkes, Linda Sturman

Associates: Olav Severijnen, Katie Pyle

Accreditations 2007

Fellows: Anton Béguin, Johanna Crighton, Tandi Clausen-May, Mark Dowling, Jannette Elwood, Harvey Goldstein, Wynn Harlen, Galina Kovaleva, Benedetto Vertecchi, Ingemar Wedman

Practitioners: Helen Betts, Frances Brill, Bethan Burge, Hilary Cox, Padraic de Bhaldraithe, Claire Hodgson, Catherine Kirkup, Hugh McManus, Julie Sewell, Juliet Sizmur, Sarah Stockwell

Associates: Alexandra Petridou