Multilingualism, Multiculturalism, Inclusive Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Multilingualism, Multiculturalism, Inclusive Teaching, Learning and Assessment Dr Sviatlana Karpava, Lecturer in Applied Linguistics/TESOL, Department of English Studies, University of Cyprus Multilingualism, linguistic and cultural diversity are closely related to globalisation, increased transnational mobility and increasing refugee populations. It is important to pay attention to multilingualism and multiculturalism in educational settings, to [...]

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What makes assessment inclusive?

What makes assessment inclusive? By Dr Doreen Said Pace, University of Malta The keywords in this seemingly simple yet complex to answer question are  'assessment' and 'inclusion'. Defining the inclusivity of assessment requires a shared understanding within an operating framework of what inclusion is. In this attempt, the definition by the Council [...]

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Digital assessment: why we’re closer than we think

Digital assessment: why we’re closer than we think* By Alex Scharaschkin, Director of Research and Regulation, AQA *blog originally posted on AQi  Technology has always been part of education. In the Greco-Roman classroom, for example, the standard form of what we now call an external memory device was the scroll. That was supplanted [...]

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Inclusive Assessment: Fostering Social Justice in Education

Inclusive Assessment: Fostering Social Justice in Education By Dr Eleni Meletiadou Course Leader/Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University Guildhall School of Business and Law The internationalisation of Education worldwide has broadened student diversity in educational institutions in recent years. Inclusive assessment or Assessment for Social Justice promotes developmental timely feedback which supports [...]

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Why join a Special Interest Group? More than just a shared interest

Why join a Special Interest Group? More than just a shared interest. By Rebecca Hamer, International Baccalaurate (IB) What did joining the steering group of the AEA SIG eAssessment do for me and IB? Well, it brought me new ideas and a new collaboration. Co-hosting a SIG branded pre-conference workshop with Caroline [...]

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Popeth yn iawn hyd yma! So far, so good! Wales: changing assessment culture

About the author George MacBride is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the University of Glasgow Educational Assessment Network (UGEAN). During 37 years as a school teacher in Glasgow secondary schools, his participation in the EIS (teacher union) involved membership of Scottish Government agencies and working groups on curriculum, assessment, qualifications and teacher professional [...]

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Fair assessment for everyone: reflections on the factors impacting student experience of e-assessment

About the author Dr Anja Sisarica joined Inspera as User Research and Product Strategy consultant in 2017, and since 2020 she took the role of Strategic Relations Manager. Working closely with partner institutions and researching their experience with Inspera Assessment, she has been evangelising empathy for the users, sharing insights both internally and externally, [...]

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What could foster or inhibit the development of assessment cultures? Experiences from Norway.

About the author Lise Vikan Sandvik is a Professor in the Department of Teacher Education, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She has experience as teacher in primary and secondary schools and served as deputy head of Department of Teacher Education from (2013 – 2016). Her professional field of interest is mainly revolved around [...]

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Leveraging the flexibility of digital assessment technologies, and the cooperation between an awarding organisation and their regulator, to minimise the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the assessment of professional qualifications: Matt Wingfield

About the author Matt Wingfield is an independent consultant within the e-assessment sector working with awarding organisations, educational institutions and technology providers to help realise the full potential of e-assessment delivery. He is also Chair of the eAssessment Association and is an external advisory member sitting on NEBOSH’s Learning and Technology Committee. [...]

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The widening impact of technology on assessment: David Haggie

About the author David Haggie is the Managing Director of GradeMaker Ltd, a UK-based technology company specialising in the provision on online, enterprise scale exam authoring systems. Prior to GradeMaker he was a leading figure in establishing RM’s assessment business, and previously worked for the BBC. GradeMaker has clients around the world. [...]

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